What is BPA?

Time:2022-08-09 09:34:55

Everyone has been discussing that plastic milk bottles will produce toxic substances. So what exactly are toxic substances? It is necessary to introduce a concept here - environmental hormones. Environmental hormones are not the hormones that we are familiar with, but the opposite. It is A chemical that interferes with the body's normal hormonal function. If the human body ingests these chemicals, it will play the same or interfering role as human hormones. It will cause variation, especially reproductive variation. Some milk bottles. A chemical substance of phenol A (Bisphenol A referred to as BPA). The global annual output of BPA is as high as 2.9 million tons. It is an important organic chemical raw material with light weight, good transparency, impact resistance, heat resistance and other characteristics. It is mainly used in the production of poly Carbonate plastic (Polycarbonate Plastic. referred to as PC) products, including milk bottles.